Sunday, March 17, 2013

Plenty O' Waves

My expectations were low this morning as I drove down to the beach. I got a late start, it was overcast and the surf report said 1-2 ft. and poor to fair. But it had been almost a week since I had gotten wet so I just wanted to get out there. I figured it being Sunday, it would be crowded with weekend warriors and I was prepared to just deal with it as long as I got a few waves.

The parking lot was full but surprising it wasn't crowded in the water. Maybe people celebrated St. Patties day last night and were hung over? The tide was very low and it looked a little drained but it was starting to come up. It was definitely surfable. I suited up quickly and got out there. The sun started breaking through the clouds and there was no wind. I caught a few small ones and as the tide was rising, it starting picking up a little. Within 30 minutes there were some decent sized sets coming through. A older bald dude with a dyed green beard was getting some good ones. An attractive 20-something blonde took off on me a couple times without even looking and ate it on probably the nicest wave of the day. Karma. It didn't really bother me as it's to be expected, especially on the weekend. I paddled a little south, found an open area and managed to get a bunch of really nice rights and lefts. Finally the crowd started filling in. Thankfully I had my fill, got a great last wave and got out.

As I drove out of the parking lot around 10:30, the festivities had already started and Sharkey's and Mutt's were already full of loud and inebriated folks dressed in green. Happy St. Patrick's Day. Hopefully I can get out there tomorrow.

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Surfing Grandma of OC said...

Bald guy Green Goatee! His name is
RP... He is a doll!