Monday, March 25, 2013

There's a Reason it's Called Zooport

Against my better judgement I drove to Blackies (yesterday) Sunday. I got there around 8:00am and the water was pretty full by then. Parking was tough but I found a spot over by Sharkey's. The sun was starting to come out which made for a beautiful morning. I paddled out near the pier and ended up having a blast. The main pack seemed to be north about 50 yards and there were just a handful of us closer to the pier. I traded waves with a guy I see pretty regularly and we chatted between waves. Towards the end of the session, I took off on a right and was headed straight for the pier. I was going pretty fast and decided I would try to shoot the pier, which I've never done or even tried for that matter. As I planned my path under the pilings, the wave just died and I ended up directly under the pier. Nice try. So close but not quite. Something to shoot for I guess. By the time I got out it was packed like a summer day. Dads teaching kids, first timers, lots of soft boards, waders, you get the picture. Time to call it a day. I snapped this shot before I headed home.

Every day is different and today was no exception. Being a Monday, the crowd was very light. It was overcast but the waves, although small, we're clean and lined up. Better conditions than yesterday and a fraction of the people - my kind of morning. Plenty of good waves and nobody getting in the way.  

Thursday  I surfed at Doheny in the early afternoon and it turned out to be a lot of fun. Sometimes I like surfing at that time of day because the lighting is so different than the morning, and it accentuates the emerald green of the breaking waves.

 My car is getting new tires and brakes so so surf tomorrow for me. Job searching and a good workout is in my near future.


Surfing Grandma of OC said...

Oh my goodness ... I think I see myself in that first picture believe it or not!! :-0
But seriously I was there and I think that's be.. Spit where I was surfing and looks like my light blue and black wetsuit!!

mcope said...

What a coincidence! Do you have a pink board? If so, I'll look for you next time I'm out there. BTW, I enjoy your blog!

Surfing Grandma of OC said...

Actually I was riding my friends blue and green polka dot Art in motion board that day!
I was out today and usually ride an 8'0 custom board teal with a white seahorse and sandy color deck!
I'm there at least once a week or more!
So come by and say hi!!
I'm so stoked to have a fellow blogger from Blackies! :-)

mcope said...

I will look for you. I opted for San O this morning. It was pretty fun and not to crowded. How was Blackies?

Surfing Grandma of OC said...

Small but fun and Not crowded!!!
I heard San O was fun this AM also!
I took my son "Sergeant in the Army" surfing Newps today.. His 2nd time out..
Will do a blog post later.. I'm exhausted.