Monday, March 11, 2013

Two Fun Days

After a week out of the water due to the rain, hail, bad surf, and other commitments I got down to Blackies on yesterday morning. The tide was a little high and it was CROWDED but a what a beautiful morning. The surf was pretty good and there was a friendly vibe in the water, so I got plenty of waves. There was a bit of a wait between sets but it was worth it when they came through. Surfed for and hour and a half or so, then went for a run to Balboa Pier. As I was passing 19th street, I noticed there was a really clean peak with two guys out, and they looked like beginners. There must have been some south/southwest in the water. I was tempted to go back to the car and throw on the cold wet, wetsuit but I was tired and satisfied with what I got earlier. I love the feeling after a good surf. Relaxed and content, at least for a while.

Today I had a computer class in the morning but I had my board in the car - just in case. I checked the camera and Blackies looked terrible so I headed down to San O. Another gorgeous day and some decent surf. Being a Monday, the crowd was very light so lots of waves. I'm going to miss this when I get a job! The water is starting to feel not as bone chilling, probably because the air temp was so pleasant. I'd say by mid spring I'll have my yearly pass paid for in the number of trips taken to San O or Doheny. I can't believe it's $195 now and $15 per day if you don't have a pass. Ouch.

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