Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Nice Afternoon at San O

I checked the cameras in the morning yesterday and didn't see anything worth getting excited over so I passed. The kids are on spring break so I kept busy with their activities throughout the day. Then, after bringing my son home from his football workout, I got the itch. You know it, that feeling that no matter how crappy the surf, you just have to get wet - even it's it's just to paddle around.

So I packed up the board and wetsuit and as I was walking to the car I got the look from my wife. It's the look that I periodically get that translates to, "Really Mike, again? There's so much work to be done around the house and you're going surfing?" But then I informed her that I have two job interviews coming up  soon and the look faded into more of a reluctant, "OK, have fun and be careful. I know you're going anyway," kind of look.

When I got to the beach around 4:30, I was pleasantly surprised. Gorgeous day, very light crowd, and some fun looking little waves coming in. I paddled out just south of the point (4 Doors?) and ended up getting some pretty lengthy rides. I could only surf for an hour because I had to rush home to take my daughter to swim in MV.

Good day.

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