Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Little Somethin'

Yesterday I knew there wasn't much surf so I didn't even check Surfline. I drove straight to Blackies determined to get wet. In the event that it was completely flat and unrideable, I brought my running shoes. It was overcast and as I drove through the parking lot, which was full, I noticed a pretty concentrated crowd right by the pier. I watched a guy get a small, but decently shaped wave. That's all I needed to see. I paddled out a little north of the pack and got some fun ones. I struck up a conversation with a couple guys and one of them complimented me on a nice left I got. Then, one of them informed me that I had a ding on the nose of my board. Huh? Sure enough there was a pretty good sized gash out of the board. I have absolutely no idea how it got there. I don't recall smacking in on the wall of my garage, the side of my car, the ground, or anywhere else. The mystery ding. Maybe at San O, attempting to noseride, I hit the bottom somehow? The rest of the session, I just tried to keep it out of the water. I was having too much fun to call it a day.

As the sun came out, I noticed how crystal clear the water was. It was probably due to the fact there was not much swell in the water and little to no wind. I took off on a fun left and as I looked down I noticed two little bat rays on the bottom cruising along. Then, as I was sitting on my board I saw several more. Everyone was pointing them out and commenting on how they always return as the water starts warming up, oh, and watch your step!

I finally got out and being such a beautiful day, I wasn't ready to head home just yet. I changed out of my wetsuit and into my running shoes and ran down to Balboa Pier and back. Nice day so far.

Later in the day I decided to fix the ding. I cut out the damaged area and let it dry out for awhile. Then I mixed some resin with a couple drops of my daughter's red acrylic paint. I filled the hole, let it dry and then sanded it. Then I cut a piece of fiberglass and soaked it in resin and applied it. The only problem is I forgot to add catalyst so it took forever to dry in the sun. Anyway, the final result wasn't perfect but I'm actually kind of proud of how it did turn out. Below is the before and after. Hey, at least it's water tight.