Monday, July 22, 2013

I'm baaaaack

It's been a long time since I've written in this thing. For the 2-3 people who read it, I apologize! LOL. I've been surfing pretty regularly as I have been for quite some time. I did go around 10 days out of the water which seemed like an eternity, but when you’re busy and the surf sucks, what can you do?

Unfortunately it looks like I will be going back to mainly a weekend surfer. As you know, I was laid off several months ago from a job that I had worked for nearly 14 years as a graphic/web designer. I tried getting back into what I had done before, had a few interviews but never landed anywhere. And honestly, my heart really wasn't in it anymore. I wanted to do something completely different. Taking the advice of a friend, I ended up doing some extensive (and expensive) testing to determine what I should pursue. When I looked at the overall results, something was crystal clear. I was supposed to help people in some capacity, not sit on my ass, staring at a monitor for 8-9 hours a day. What was more interesting was looking at the top ten professions that would fit me the best. They virtually all had something to do in the medical field. Some, like veterinarian and pharmacist, were just not practical for obvious reasons. However, one that I had thought about for years was very high on the list. X-ray technician. So, to make a long story short, I am back in school studying exactly that! So far I absolutely love it and I'm kicking ass. And I get Fridays off!

My time of unemployment was interesting to say the least. And it continues.  My surfing improved tremendously as it should have. But I noticed a few things that I found interesting. A few people at work whom I considered friends turned out not to be. In fact, after I left, two of them wouldn't give me the time of day, and still won't. One of them I've known for over 11 years. I seem to have lost contact with at least one of my friends from my personal life as well. You can only try so hard and at some point you just have to write it off. Live and learn. What is cool though, is that I've grown much closer to other friends. I have rekindled a few friendships from my younger days.These are the keepers. And I've made several more, mostly though surfing. I meet so many interesting people out in the water. I wouldn't consider them friends (yet) but recently I have met a retired oral surgeon, Bob, and another physician, Judy, who is always friendly and loves to talk about surfing and life. I met a cool Hawaiian guy at Newport who I chatted with for an hour. Hopefully I will catch up with him again. There's also Michelle who I met at Blackies a while back. She is so stoked on surfing and drives from Chino Hills regularly to enjoy the waves.

OK, back to surfing. I just surfed three days in a row. Friday at Doheny was not very crowded and lots of fun. The water has cooled off a bit though and I was a little chilly in trunks. Saturday morning I dropped my son off at HB high for a football thing and drove up to Newport and surfed 36th on my 7' 1". I even got a little barrel. Sunday it was back to Doheny for some shoulder to head high fun. Put on the spring suit and was comfortable.

Back at school and looking forward to getting out there again on Friday... hopefully.